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Getting the right selling price for your home is a feat that eludes many. Some houses sit for days on the market while others seem to get snatched up so fast the sellers are left scratching their heads wondering if they should have charged more.

If you're wanting to get the highest selling price for your home, we've got some great tips for you. Here are 7 Secrets to Get the Highest Selling Price for Your Home.

1. Declutter

This is more than some spring clean, this means eliminating as much as you can from the interior and exterior of the house. You know how a hotel looks when you first open the door? Your home needs to feel like that. Pleasantly clean and devoid of anything that screams a particular kind of person.

This may seem like an overwhelming task at first, so let's break it into bite-sized pieces:


If your garage has become the graveyard for everything that can't find a home inside, you'll need to clean it up. Donate old clothes and items you aren't going to use to a thrift store. Gather up your tools and put them away--or better yet, pack them up. Empty your garage as much as you can to give the appearance of plenty of space for a car plus the buyer's items.


Clean out the closets and other storage areas of your home. By leaving only have a closet's worth of clothes and packing (or donating) the rest, you show the buyer that there is more than enough space in the house.


Declutter the interior of your house and remove everything but the necessities from the house. This means clearing off surfaces of old mail, garbage, and items that don't belong.

You'll also want to have as much wall space open as possible. If any room has items entirely along the perimeter, get rid of or pack up some of the items. Having a cluttered space makes it difficult for buyers to see themselves living there.


Bring any toys and tools inside to pack or put away. Clean up any trash in the yard, and mow the lawn. Make the home appealing to drive up to. Many potential buyers will drive by the property and judge the interior based on the exterior. Put your best foot forward with a tidy exterior.

2. Price it Right

The price is going to include or eliminate your house in many searches.

Many different people have chimed in on pricing your home with lot's of different ideas as to what's right and what's not, but there does seem to be one overarching strategy to keep in mind, and that's knowing when to use a zero and not to use a zero at the end of your sale price.

Use Psychology

The idea is to price your home with an odd number at the end. It really is sales psychology, but think about it: if you're at the store and see an item for $4.99 and another one for $5.00, you're probably more inclined to save the penny and buy the one for $4.99. That's the same concept to use when coming up with a price for your house.

Putting an odd number at the end rather than a 5 or a 0 sends the message that you have given the price a lot of thought and priced it according to some formula that you are using.

Be careful of this strategy when comes to Google, though. Many people search for a home between two numbers that end in zero (such as $200,000 and $300,000). If your home price ends in a zero, then you're in luck and will show up on that search.

If your home price happens to be $229,562, however, the only way potential buyers will find you is by searching for a house price that is less than $300,000.

But Also Use Common Sense

Don't price your home above what newer or nicer homes with the same layout as you are pricing them at just because you want to make some money. An over-priced house sticks out like a sore thumb-- and not in a good way. Get more interested buyers in the door by reasonably pricing your home.

3. Choose the Right Agent

One of the biggest not-so-secret ways to sell your house for top-dollar is to use a great selling agent. The right real estate agent knows how to price your home and has the network to get the highest and best offers in the door. This is a winning combination that allows the right people with the right budget to walk in the door.

When looking for the right agent, ask them for their price reduction rate. You want to know how many times they have had to lower their listing prices in the past (and how many times per house) to see how well they're able to price yours.

4. Put Your Best Foot Forward

If you want the highest price for your home, your home is going to need to be in top condition.

To do this, you may need to paint the interior and exterior, clean up the yard, and even replace the flooring. You probably don't have to do any fancy remodels, but giving your house a facelift will help those buyers feel better about shelling out their money.

5. Complete the Honey-Do List

Get out that hammer and wrench and get to work! Complete all of those home improvement tasks you've been meaning to complete but have been too tired/busy/etc. to get done.

Fix the leaky faucet, patch that hole, and wipe down that doorframe. It'll take a bit of work, but completing the little projects you've had going on will not only appeal to buyers, but it'll also make you regret not tackling it earlier.

6. Advertise!

If you're pricing your home at the top of the market value, you may need to get several people through it before you get a bite. The best way to do that is to advertise.

Get the word out about your house by having your real estate agent run some social media ads, list it on local selling sites, and hand fliers out to the neighbors.

If the house has historical or some other type of significant value, you may want to pitch a story to your local newspaper. Spreading the word about the sale is your primary goal, and the more people that see it, the better.

7. Get a Pre-List Appraisal

In order to get top dollar for your house, you'll need to know what it's *really* worth. A CMA does a pretty good job, but you may need a more data-driven method than that to make a high sale.

Get a pre-list appraisal before listing your house to gauge the market value. They'll be able to tell you why the home is worth what it's worth, and the factors affecting the price. If they're things you can fix, then doing them will increase the sale price.

Be warned, however, that once you get an appraisal, you'll most likely be required to disclose the items that lower the price on the appraisal-- whether or not you choose to repair them.

How to Get the Highest Selling Price for Your Home

Getting the highest possible price for your house may take work, but it'll pay off in the end. Make sure to declutter, price it right, choose the right agent, update the house, advertise, and get a pre-list appraisal to get headed off in the right direction.

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Andrew Schmeerbauch
Andrew Schmeerbauch

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