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7 Great Basement Design Ideas to Sell Your Home for More

Finishing a basement is a great investment when you want extra space. The only trouble is figuring out what to do with the space. If you’re selling your house, talk to an experienced local agent about how you should lay things out.
Finishing a basement is a great investment when you want extra space. The only trouble is figuring out what to do with the space. If you’re selling your house, talk to an experienced local agent about how you should lay things out.

While the cost of finishing a basement can run upwards of $30,000, if you already own a home with one, capitalize on it. Selling a home is all about giving your listing agent every advantage to pitch your home to buyers. Every upgrade, even cosmetic ones, can net you a higher sale price.

Work with a top agent to come up with the best basement ideas to maximize ROI on your home sale.

Here are seven ways that you could redesign your basement and end up selling your home for more than the average home in your region.

1. Make it Nicer Than a Hotel

Having a nice home makes people want to visit you. However, when guests come to visit, it’s nice to offer them some of their own private space within the home. Making a guest space in the basement that’s just as inviting as the aboveground space will attract visitors.

It will also attract buyers.

This is especially true if you’re selling a home in a market that’s full of college students, tourists, and vacationers. Renting out an extra space that’s nicely arranged and furnished is a great way for first-time homeowners to earn some passive income on their investment. For basements with a separate private entrance, that basement space could even become a rental space for students, visiting professors, or people on business trips.

2. Make A Home Look Healthy

With the cost of gym memberships going up, there’s no reason to pay high monthly fees when you could relax at home. Getting healthy at home with a small home spa and gym ensures that the home is a sanctuary.

Steam showers are one of the more common trends that more homeowners are investing in. A small sauna and a few workout machines can keep a whole family in good shape. Market a home with a space like this as a social space where families can invite friends and family for a healthy relaxing weekend instead of one sitting on the couch eating junk food.

3. A Sanctuary For Sports Fans

When game day comes around, homeowners love to have a big group of friends over. The only problem is that all of that traffic, snacking, and cheering might not be ideal for the main spaces in your home. That’s why a sports room in the basement is perfect.

Sports memorabilia, as well as the AV system to watch games on, can be put here without disturbing the rest of the family. Add a ping pong or foosball table and video games to round out the space. A mini-fridge ensures that guests aren’t trudging up and down the stairs all day.

If you’re selling in a city like Chicago or Pittsburgh where sports are a way of life, this can be a smart move to capture the market.

4. A Quiet Work Space

As an increasing number of people spend their time working from home, comfort and quiet are essential to productivity. Finding a space with few distractions but where it’s easy to focus on work is essential.

Building a comfortable workspace with some soundproofing will keep noise and distractions out during important phone calls and the rest of your workday. Make sure that the space is ready to be hooked up to technology with cable, ethernet, and USB power available.

5. Where Everybody Knows Your Name

A home brewery or a mini bar in the basement is the best way to host guests on a weekend evening. During cold winter months when listening to music while relaxing with a drink is one of the most appealing ways to socialize, having a small bar in the basement makes it all the easier.

No matter what budget you have, building a small bar is easy. A few stools and a small stereo can turn the space into a place for a party. Savvy home sellers will consider different lighting options to make the space exciting.

With the rise of at-home beer brewing, leaving behind some equipment might inspire your buyer.

6. Make it a Family Space

Ultimately, having a multipurpose family space is one of the best choices you can make with your basement design. It’s easy to sell and market a space with storage options, a lounge area, and a space for productivity.

There are a lot of ways to cut up a large basement to create a few smaller “rooms” within the space. When a buyer sees that the space has multiple potential purposes, they’ll project their own ideas onto it, making it an easier sell.

7. A Space to Rock Out

Towns like Nashville and Austin are famous for their music scenes. Sometimes it feels like everyone you meet there plays music. It would be ideal for them to have a place to practice, record, or listen to music at home.

If you’re selling your home in one of these markets, add dense carpeting and soundproofing. You’ll be surprised by how many more offers you get when you market to people looking for just such a space.

The Best Basement Design Ideas Consider the Market

If you want to come up with the perfect basement design idea to sell your home, talk to an experienced local agent. They’ll know what home buyers in your region are looking for. Working with a Clever Partner Agent also means you’ll be paying as little as one-third of what other agents will charge you, all while they work to earn you a higher sale price.

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