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5 Tips for Selling Your Home in July

Let’s be honest: July isn’t usually the best time to sell your home. People are on vacation, kids are out of school, and the heat keeps many people indoors. But selling a home in the summer for an attractive price isn’t impossible, either. Put these five tips into practice to strike a cool deal.
Let’s be honest: July isn’t usually the best time to sell your home. People are on vacation, kids are out of school, and the heat keeps many people indoors. But selling a home in the summer for an attractive price isn’t impossible, either. Put these five tips into practice to strike a cool deal.

The most important thing in real estate is Location, Location, Location. But the second most important thing that many people seem to forget about is the time of year.

Seasonality is everything when deciding when to sell your home. It could affect how long your home sits on the market and how much it sells for.

Should I Sell My Home in July?

For many markets, July is not the best time to sell. Granted, warmer months are usually more competitive in real estate, but July is an oddball time of year for buyers. Kids are out of school and many people take vacations during this time. Plus, families with kids likely don’t want to start shopping in July because that means having to move after school resumes.

Real estate data shows that homes listed between May 1 and May 15 tend to sell the fastest and nearly $1,600 above the average listing. If your local market follows these patterns, you may want to consider selling earlier than July if possible.

However, keep in mind that some markets don’t follow the norm. Many of the benefits that make spring an ideal time also extend to summer months: warm weather, breaks from school, and more hours of sunshine. In fact, the hottest time of the year is also the hottest time for real estate in Houston, Miami, Dallas, Las Vegas, and Tampa.

It’s important to check your unique market conditions when deciding when to sell your home, as there is no one-size-fits-all timing.

If you do choose to sell a home in July, use these five tips to move your home from For Sale to Sold without sacrificing a healthy profit.

#1 - Choose an Agent Ahead of Time

Summer months like July are usually the busiest times for real estate agents. For Sale signs start cropping up in droves when the weather starts to warm, and most agents don’t see a break until school begins in the fall.

Ideally, you’ll have an experienced real estate agent in mind before you decide to list your home. This will save you from having to vet them later and can get the time and attention you deserve.

#2 - Decorate for the Summer Season

Home staging is an integral part of getting your home ready, but there’s an art to it. It’s not just about emptying closets and decluttering your living room. Rather, you can make your house feel more like home when you decorate it for the current season.

Add bright flowers or shimmery metallics to your decor. Include blue hues for a calming effect (and to evoke images of swimming!). Rely on fresh, natural scents like fresh-cut roses to make your home smell light and sweet. The more you can make your home stand out for all the right reasons, the more attractive you’ll be in your potential buyers’ memories.

#3 - Keep Your Home Cool

No one wants to walk into a hot, stuffy house after having been outside in the heat. Even if you don’t want to run up an A/C bill, you need to make sure your house is cool before buyers come to look. Not only does it make them comfortable, but it also gives them confidence that your air conditioning works.

#4 - Focus on Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is important at any time of year, but it’s especially impactful in the summer. Summer is all about life and vibrancy, and you want to make your home appear youthful and well taken care of. What buyers see when they arrive sets the tone for the rest of the home, so make a strong first impression.

Grass and greenery grow at an alarming rate, so make sure you’re doing yard maintenance at least twice a week. Freshen your trim with paint and plant some bright flowers. Get rid of dead or dying shrubs or tree limbs. Take advantage of the warm weather to create a lush landscape your buyers will want to come home to.

#5 - Invest in Outdoor Living Space

Summer doesn’t last forever and homeowners like to spend as much time as possible soaking up the sun. Outdoor living spaces can add instant appeal and pull your buyer into the picture.

If you’re doing any form of home staging, don’t neglect the outdoor living space. Create an image that’s primed for entertaining family or friends. Show them how they can spend their time relaxing outside — they’ll be lining up to make an offer!

Bonus Tip: Use a Clever Partner Agent to Sell Your Home in July!

If you’re looking for the best possible outcome when selling a home in July, it pays to partner with a top-rated local real estate agent. You can benefit from their expertise in timing the market to sell your home quickly while getting the best possible price.

Clever Partner Agents are full-service agents from top-rated agencies like Century 21, Keller Williams, and RE-MAX that specialize in your local market. They provide the same level of service you’d get from a traditional agent, but they work for a flat-rate commission so you can keep more of your profits in your pocket.

Reach out to Clever today to connect with a local agent that can help you sell your home and save thousands on commissions!


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