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5 Creative Tips for Marketing a House for Sale

As real estate trends continue to change, it’s increasingly important to be creative to reach prospective buyers. As a real estate agent, there are a few simple ways you can modify standard practices to make an impression in a crowded market.
As real estate trends continue to change, it’s increasingly important to be creative to reach prospective buyers. As a real estate agent, there are a few simple ways you can modify standard practices to make an impression in a crowded market.

There are plenty of go-to tools in every real estate agent’s toolbox when it comes to marketing a house for sale. A sign in the front yard. An album of professional photographs. Flyers with details about square footage, appliances, and the asking price.

While these resources will give prospective buyers the information they need, they won’t always make an immediate or lasting impression.

In this day when there are countless distractions vying for people’s attention, it helps to be creative when selling a home. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel, but there are ways of taking tried and true marketing tools and giving them a fresh spin that will stand out.

Read on for some marketing tips that go outside of the box to reach prospective buyers.

Be Clever with the “For Sale” Sign

The telltale “For Sale” sign in front of a home has long been a staple in letting buyers know the home is open for offers. But if you do a drive through a neighborhood with several listings, you might notice that most of the signs look the same. Try sprucing up the “For Sale” sign to make it stand out from the rest.

Instead of using a standard rectangle sign, go for a custom shape, such as the shape of a house or an arrow pointing at the house. Use colors that complement or match the home’s exterior and select a font that is eye-catching a readable to give passersby pause.

If you are required to use a standard “For Sale” sign as part of company branding, there are still a few ways to make yours unique. Try placing potted flowers around the sign or in a unique place. Does the house face a bike trail or golf course? Position a side where it can be seen by people as they go for a ride or play 18 holes.

Embrace the Influencer Culture

These days, consumers are consistently making purchases based on ads or posts on social media. In a survey of millennials, 58% said their phones are their go-to online shopping device and 25% are more likely to buy a product from a social media ad than older generations.

You can employ some of the same techniques used by influencers on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube by creating content that will cause a person to pause when it appears on their screen rather than scrolling on. Include a short video and photos along with an attention-grabbing headline and description to build an ad on social media. Go a step further and reach out to local influencers and bloggers who might be willing to share your listing.

Tell a Story Worth Remembering

By now, buyers are used to taking virtual tours of homes with videos and photo albums from their computer screen. They also know the keywords they’ll see in a description. While this information is still important to use on websites and MLSs, give prospective buyers a reason to pause when they see your listing.

Write a description and a voiceover script for a virtual tour that tells a story. Help prospective buyers visualize themselves living thereby painting a picture that is hard to resist. Is this home within walking distance of some of the most popular eateries in town? Show buyers how close they are with description rather than simply telling them.

You can also boost a listing’s showing in search engines by including keywords frequently used by buyers.

Use Memorable Decor for Staging

While removing clutter and deep cleaning a home before a viewing are standard in staging, you can also incorporate some decorating quirks that could appeal to prospective buyers. Arrange furniture so it creates the feeling of having an intimate dinner with friends or having a quiet night in at home. You can also place lighting in strategic areas. For example, if the home has a memorable fireplace, show it off.

You can also incorporate some of the homeowners’ belongings that are charming and memorable. Does the house of a yard gnome in the garden? Use it as a tour guide in the listing and place it prominently in the front for people to see when they come for a viewing. Adding a little something extra can make this listing stand out from the five or six other homes a buyer might view in a day.

Incentivize and Play-Up Perks

Who doesn’t love a freebie? If a listing comes with a membership to a golf course or community pool, be sure to let buyers know. Make sure all ads say “Free membership” and include photos of the added perk.

If a house includes a homeowners association fee, play up what that will include. Does your region typically have heavy snowfall? Let buyers know they won’t have to worry about it if snow removal is included with the purchase. Share information about these add-ons as a benefit rather than a line item.

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