5 Best Places to Live with Arthritis: The Ultimate Guide

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By Jamie Ayers Updated October 20, 2021


Arthritis is an inflammatory condition that can affect your quality of life significantly. If you’re thinking about where the best location might be to compliment your symptoms, read our guide to the best five places to live with arthritis.

5 Best Places to Live with Arthritis: The Ultimate Guide

If you live with arthritis, you will understand the life challenges and pain that this inflammatory disease can cause daily. Although there are medications that sufferers can take to help lessen the impact of arthritis, such as anti-inflammatory drugs and painkillers, it can still be an overwhelming illness to manage.

Cold climates can exacerbate conditions such as arthritis. In comparison, sufferers who live in warmer temperatures show a marked improvement in their quality of life and mobility.

Even though health professionals differ on the specifics of why — changes in temperature and barometric pressure can have a negative impact on joint mobility and also increase joint pain.

When living with a condition such as arthritis, it is essential to remember that although a change in temperature and climate will not relieve your symptoms entirely, it can help to minimize their impact.

Here is a list of the five best places to live with arthritis, that will enable you to maintain an active lifestyle while being proactive with your healthcare.

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San Diego, CA

The San Diego climate is fantastic for people living with arthritis, as it is pleasant year-round with low humidity. The CDC recommends that people living with arthritis should engage in low-impact exercises regularly. One such activity is bicycling, as it is easy on the joints while improving cardiovascular health.

San Diego is home to several flat bike trails, giving arthritis sufferers an excellent opportunity to keep their joints moving. The city also has several hospitals and medical facilities that specialize in arthritis and joint pain.

The average home value in San Diego is $633,600, which is typical of California real estate prices and the highest on our list.


Minneapolis is one of Minnesota’s major cities and is the 16th-largest metropolitan area in the United States. It is also home to many rheumatology institutions, including the Mayo Clinic which has 15 rheumatologists based in Minnesota, while also being the Mayo Clinic’s specific treatment location for pediatric cases of arthritis.

As well as a large number of arthritis specialists, Minneapolis also has a climate with low humidity, which can help to limit arthritis flare-ups, and excellent air quality and easily accessible parks to help you stay mobile.

The cost of living in Minneapolis is exceptionally affordable, with an average home value of $266,800, and being located in one of the top 20 states with the most affordable healthcare, according to the Huffington Post.

Tucson, AZ

Tucson is known for its desert climate and low humidity, which means long hot summers and cooler winters. It is also home to the Arizona Arthritis Center, based in the Arizona Medical Center (UAMC), making it easy to find a specialist physician who can help you manage your arthritis.

If you’re looking for an arthritis-friendly city that offers entertainment, Tucson ticks that box. Hosting the annual Tucson Festival of Books every March, this fun event is the fourth largest book festival in the U.S. and features over 450 authors offering reading and lectures, and food and entertainment.

With a median home value of $187,600, and a predicted 1.9% increase over the coming year, Tucson’s real estate market is ripe for buyers.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Salt Lake City might not seem like a typical arthritis-friendly location because of it’s colder winters, but it makes up for this in several ways. For instance, Salt Lake City has the lowest smoking rate in the entire U.S., and as cigarette smoke can exacerbate arthritis, it’s nice to know passive smoke won’t be an issue.

Another great thing about Salt Lake City is that it’s been ranked one of the U.S.’s most relaxing places to live due to its affordable living standards, low crime rates, and quality of life. With a median home value of $266,800, according to Niche.com, you should consider the capital of Utah if you’re living with arthritis and looking to reduce your stress levels.

El Paso, TX

El Paso is located in the far west of Texas and has a desert climate, with hot summers and little humidity, and mild dry winters. Known for its significant military presence, El Paso was awarded the title of the safest city in the U.S. for three years in a row in 2014.

El Paso is located in the fourth most affordable state for health insurance, making it an excellent choice for people who need ongoing care for their arthritis. It is also home to The Franklin Mountains State Park, the largest urban park in the U.S., with more than 24,248 acres to enjoy — the perfect environment to take advantage of the outdoors and increase your mobility.

If you’re looking to buy a home in El Paso, you’ll be happy to know that the median home value is an affordable $128,800, having risen by 5.5% in the past year alone.

When managing a health condition such as arthritis, it’s crucial you consider all the variables that can affect your quality of life. Whether you struggle with mobility and require an easily accessible public transport network, or you want to adopt a more relaxed pace of life, there is an ideal location for you.

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