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5 Best Places to Live to Avoid the Effects of Climate Change

While there’s no avoiding climate change, many areas around the United States will be less affected by sea level rise, increased temperatures, and natural disasters.
While there’s no avoiding climate change, many areas around the United States will be less affected by sea level rise, increased temperatures, and natural disasters.

Climate change is a growing concern that is affecting how many of us in the United States make professional and personal life choices. Choosing your home’s location based on weather and pollution is understandable.

Climate change is unavoidable, however, some cities are less impacted by extreme temperatures and frequent natural disasters.

If you’re looking to settle in a city that is less susceptible to the effects of climate change, contact a local Clever Partner Agent. Our top-rated agents stay current on area changes and know all the up-and-coming neighborhoods.

Here are the best cities to live in if you’re looking to avoid the effects of climate change.

Tulsa, Oklahoma

For those desiring warm weather and moderate climates, Tulsa is a safe bet. The city is far enough away from the coast to avoid impending sea level rise and, due to a severe flood in 1984, has implemented innovative and solid flood prevention methods.

Climate scientists predict that sea levels could rise between four and five meters over the next hundred or so years. Meaning many coastal cities will be wiped out. If you still desire warm weather and short winters, Tulsa is a great place to put down roots.

Boulder, Colorado

High-elevation, western cities are in no immediate danger of flooding from sea level rise but many could face drought as a result of climate change. Boulder already has a plan in place to deal with water shortages to keep its environment as pristine as possible, even as the population continues to climb.

Nestled against the Rocky Mountains, Boulder avoids the tornados that can ravage plains land to the east, yet receives plenty of sunshine during fall and spring months to melt the snow and allow for a longer growing season than other high elevation outposts.

Homer, Alaska

It should come as no surprise that Alaska lands on this list. As temperatures begin to rise, colder climates will benefit from milder winters and longer growing seasons. Many parts of Alaska are reliant on snowmelt for water and will benefit from the predicted increase of precipitation.

In 2006, Homer implemented a climate change action plan and, while the city is positioned to enjoy oceanfront views, sea levels along the Kenai Peninsula are not predicted to rise as much as other coastal cities.

Duluth, Minnesota

While many southern and western cities will feel the effects of rising temperatures and coastal regions fret over flooding from sea level rise, Duluth sits in a safe alcove. Many avoid Minnesota due to its notoriously chilly winters.

However, with rising global temperatures, this state’s winters just got a whole lot warmer. It’s growing season will also benefit from a warmer climate and increased precipitation. Duluth is also relatively safe from wildfires and tornadoes, unlike its western neighbors.

Bangor, Maine

In keeping with Duluth’s pros, Bangor is known for cold winters and temperate summers. As the world’s temperature slowly rises, winters in Bangor will become all the more bearable and in fact, contribute to this city’s success during an intensifying climate.

The city’s elevation is high enough to avoid sea level rise and allow for additional fortification against flooding. Ocean access keeps the city’s economy flourishing via trade and travel while allowing residents to enjoy a consistent food supply. In Bangor, water is aplenty as are forests and farmland to the south and west.

Summers are getting hotter, sea levels are rising, and natural disasters are becoming increasingly detrimental to humankind. However, the effects of climate change are more pronounced in certain areas around the country.

What’s more, many cities accepted this change immediately and began implementing action plans to slow down or prevent symptoms of a warming globe. If you’re concerned about natural disasters, rising sea levels, and increasing temperatures, check out real estate in any of these five cities.

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