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5 Best Places to Live Holistic Lifestyle: The Ultimate Guide

Deciding where to buy a home is a tough decision that should be carefully considered. If you’re looking to live a more holistic lifestyle, there are plenty of cities that make healthy living easy and accessible. Explore these top five cities if you’re looking to live somewhere more health conscious.
Deciding where to buy a home is a tough decision that should be carefully considered. If you’re looking to live a more holistic lifestyle, there are plenty of cities that make healthy living easy and accessible. Explore these top five cities if you’re looking to live somewhere more health conscious.

Living a holistic healthstyle can be easy — if you’re in the right location. When it comes to buying a home, looking in an area that will support your goals and wellness is essential.

There’s no standard definition for what a holistic lifestyle really means — for some it means high walkability scores, for others it means quick access to health food stores and nature.

Whatever holistic means to you, these five U.S. cities have access to everything you could possibly need to live an authentic, healthier life.

1. Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C. has been voted the healthiest city in the country for years. Currently, 96.3% of D.C. residents are within a 10-minute walking radius to a park and 75% of residents are at a healthy weight.

In addition to access to parks and outdoor recreation, D.C. is also extremely walkable and there are bikeshare programs to help D.C. residents get more exercise while navigating the city.

There are also plenty of gyms in the area and healthy restaurants to boot. Beloved restaurants like Hip City Veg, Sweetgreen, Cava, and the Little Beet are just a few of the top healthy eateries residents can walk or bike to.

2. Seattle, WA

This west coast city is a mecca for holistic believers, with great access to trails, outdoor attractions, and healthy food. Seattle scores a 98% walkability score, indicating that most errands can be handled by foot or bike. They also have clear bike lanes, and while there are some very steep hills in the city, they can offer a more challenging workout for interested bikers.

Seattle is also a haven for healthy food. Not only is it home to a variety of health stores, Seattle also has an exceptional number of healthy food choices at top-rated restaurants. Healthy pasta at Due’ Cucina Italiana, an organic brunch at Juicebox Cafe, and sustainably and locally grown food at Homegrown are just a few of the many options in this city.

Seattle water quality is also above average for the country and year round farmers markets make it easy to gain access to fresh, local produce.

3. Portland, OR

Last year, Portland was ranked as one of the healthiest cities in the country, with great access to nutrition education, mental health care, outdoor recreation facilities, and a low incidence of smokers.

Portland also earns a 97% walkability score, allowing residents to complete daily errands and get to school or work easily by foot. This city also has a strong biker score of 92%, allowing residents to get a more intense workout and get to their destination a little faster. Nearby parks include Lownsdale Square, Keller Fountain Park, and Chapman Square.

Known as a unique and eclectic city, Portland also ensures it’s healthy food restaurants are anything but boring. With unique Indian-based dishes at The Sudra, vibrant, Peruvian-inspired concoctions at Case Zoraya, and vegetable based brunches at Tusk, there’s no shortage to access to healthy dining in this city.

4. Oakland, CA

California is known for easy access to a healthy lifestyle, with plenty of sunshine and warm weather. With lakeside attractions to boot, Oakland has grown into a culturally diverse city where many residents have turned towards a more natural, holistic lifestyle. With seasonably warm temperatures year round, it’s easy to get outdoors in Oakland.

Oakland has a good walkability score of 72%, which is considered very walkable, allowing residents to conduct most errands by foot. Their bike score is also higher than most cities at 65% with a good biking infrastructure in place.

Healthy food is also easy to find when dining out in Oakland, with great Korean food at Pyeongchang Tofu House, endless vegan and vegetarian options at Golden Lotus, and vegetarian BBQ at Lucky Duck Bicycle Cafe.

5. New York City, New York

With a diverse population and convenient access to any amenity you could imagine, it’s no wonder it’s easy to live a healthy lifestyle in the Big Apple. New York City has a higher than average life expectancy and has made a lot of progress in better air and water quality throughout the city.

When it comes to walkability, New York is easy to navigate, with a walkability score of 89%, indicating that most New Yorkers can complete daily errands by foot. Biking in New York has also improved, now rated 68%. In fact, most New Yorkers don’t even own a car. New York also has access to every type of fitness class you could think of — from boxing to aerial yoga.

It’s also hard not to find healthy food options throughout New York, whether you’re looking for organic groceries, health stores, or restaurants. An abundance of healthy cuisine can be found on nearly every block, like a healthy sweet potato-based mac and cheese at By Chloe, the Too Good for Yoga kale and tequila cocktail at While We Were Young, or the vegan spaghetti and meatballs at The Butcher’s Daughter.

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