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5 Best Places to Live By the Beach: The Ultimate Guide

Have you always dreamt of living near the water? Find out the five best places to live in the U.S. that are near a beach. Discover how you can find the perfect real estate agent who will help you in your search for your seaside home.
Have you always dreamt of living near the water? Find out the five best places to live in the U.S. that are near a beach. Discover how you can find the perfect real estate agent who will help you in your search for your seaside home.

Are you an inlander who dreams of falling asleep to the sound of waves crashing along the shore? Do you want to wake up to the sound of gulls and spend your early morning hours walking along the beach searching for shells?

If you have always dreamt of living near the ocean, here are five locations you may want to consider moving to.

Kailua, Hawaii

If you are going to live on a beach, you may as well live in a dream town, right? If you are looking for that perfect location, consider Kailua, Hawaii. Located on Oahu, just 12 miles away from Honolulu, is this ideal town of only 53,000 people.

Even if you are not lucky enough (or rich enough) to purchase a house on the shore, there are two pristine public beaches available to use for recreation.

The town is full of trendy, little shops that appeal to those who like the finer things in life.

On this dreamy island, homes are going to be rather pricey. Even though Kailua’s home values have declined by 4.5% over the last year, and they are expected to fall another 6.9% this year, the median home value is currently $997,900, according to June 2019 data from Zillow.

Perhaps the home price is too steep for your comfort, and you would rather rent. Rental homes in Kailua run $3,048 per month. Sigh. Better start saving for the move now.

Brownsville, Texas

Although not as exotic sounding as Kailua, Brownsville offers beach living without the crazy high prices of Hawaii. Located on the southern tip of Texas on the Gulf of Mexico, Brownsville offers a suburban lifestyle close to South Padre Island.

Brownsville is gaining in popularity. The market is very hot right now, and even though home values have increased over 2.4% in the last year, they are expected to stay relatively steady for the rest of 2019. The average price of a home in Brownsville is an incredible $88,900. And with a metro population of around 400,000, you won’t feel as if you are living in as crowded of an area as Houston or Dallas/Fort Worth.

Virginia Beach, Virginia

If you would like to be a beach bum, but you can’t afford it, you could consider moving to Virginia Beach. Home to Langley Air Force Base and several corporate headquarters, Virginia Beach offers not only seaside living but also employment opportunities as well.

You are going to need to find a good job if you live in Virginia Beach. The market is very hot right now, the median home value there is $267,100. Nearby Croatan Beach homes are around $800,000, so you can see how living closer to the water affects the price of a home.

Sarasota, Florida

You knew a city in Florida had to make this list, but figuring out which city in Florida to include was tricky. Sarasota has been recognized as one of the best places to retire. There are plenty of waterfront homes to choose from, and there are long narrow island beaches located between the mainland and the Gulf of Mexico.

You might be able to find a deal on real estate right now since the market has turned cold within the last year. Home prices average around $260,000, and the average high temperature in February is 74 degrees. Both of those numbers make Sarasota sound pretty appealing, right?

Grand Haven, Michigan

You may be rolling your eyes right now, but the shore along Lake Michigan does have a beach, and the summers in Michigan definitely have a beach-like atmosphere. The winters are another story, but we won’t get into that discussion.

Grand Haven is experiencing a hot market right now, with median home values are around $225,000. Called Coast Guard City, USA, the lake offers fishing, boating, and a 1.5-mile boardwalk that runs along the harbor and the Grand River. Check out the bright-red lighthouse on the shore. After visiting Grand Haven, you will not roll your eyes at the “beach town” designation anymore.

Picking five places to live by the beach is a daunting task, even if we limit the choices to areas within the United States. To find the best place to live, you need to travel to each location, walk the streets, talk with the locals, and get a feel for each town.

Once you have narrowed down your choices to a few cities, contact a Clever Partner Agent in each location. After you describe your lifestyle and your income level, your agent can help you narrow down your search to a specific neighborhood in the perfect beach-side town.

While you are looking at a beachfront property, ask your Clever Partner Agent if you qualify for a Home Buyer Rebate of $1,000 or up to 1% back on homes over $500,000. Use some of the money to help pay for your moving expenses as you head to the coast.


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