5 Best Places for Retired Military to Live: The Ultimate Guide

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By Clever Real Estate Updated October 20, 2021


Moving to a new city can leave you with many questions, especially if you’re a military veteran who’s stepping into civilian life for the first time. Discover these five cities known for providing comfortable and hospitable new lives to veterans. Take a look and discover more about your new potential home.

5 Best Places for Retired Military to Live: The Ultimate Guide

Retiring from the military means turning a new leaf and beginning a new chapter in life. Perhaps you’re looking for a civilian career, or maybe you’re ready for the simple life. No matter how old you are or what your future plans include, one thing’s for sure: the military will always play a role in how your life was shaped.

There are a lot of different factors to consider before moving. What’s the cost of living in your new proposed town? Is there enough employment or other activities to keep you busy?

Other possible influences include the weather, what you can do for enjoyment in your new city, and if there’s a high crime rate. These factors all play a role and sometimes finding a new home that feels "right" seems time consuming and even impossible.

Part of leaving the military may include a move somewhere new to lay down your roots. As you contemplate this, perhaps you’re wondering what areas are military friendly, as you plan to purchase a new home with the help of a military loan. With that in mind, here’s a list of places that are popular with military members and their families alike in terms of quality of life and making the adjustment from serving to civilian.

If you're retired military, where should you live?

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5 Best Places for Retired Military to Live

1. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

This is a favorite city for former military to settle in once they’ve served and are ready to retire. With a low unemployment rate, it’s reassuring for folks seeking employment in the private sector. If they’d rather keep working within the government, Tinker Air Force Base is a major employer, providing government jobs for a majority of the state.

Oklahoma features a variety of sights to see, from the Martin Park Nature Center to the Hefner Lake and Park complete with a lighthouse, and even the Wheeler Ferris Wheel. Many people turn to farming, so there are plenty of options for those who love the outdoor life. Housing is 50% more affordable than the national average, making this a new second home for many vets.

2. Austin, Texas

In truth, the whole state of Texas is military friendly for veterans. Austin, and many of the surrounding cities, offer DoD healthcare. Veteran-owned businesses are popular and there’s no income tax, allowing residents to save money.

Texas is the second-largest state, with plenty of opportunities to travel and take in the culture. From the Texas State Capitol to Mayfield Park, there’s no shortage of history and beauty within the city. There are even breweries such as Blue Owl Brewing and Maze Rooms Austin if you’re looking to experience something new or challenge your mind.

3. Colorado Springs, Colorado

People all over the country know Colorado for its skiing, hiking, mountains, and natural, picturesque beauty that’s photographers love. The city is also known for a variety of military installations, making it possible to veterans to easily gain a job after making the switch.

Colorado Springs is known for cold winters and hot summers, with temperatures in the summer going into the 80s and winters in the 20s. For folks who want to get back to nature, farms and ranches are common within the state. Activities in the area include hot air ballooning, the National Museum of World War II Aviation, and a variety of parks to choose from that showcase the state’s beauty, such as Pike’s Peak.

4. Lincoln, Nebraska

The Midwest might seem a little farther than other states on the list, but moving to Nebraska offers a variety of outstanding qualities for veterans looking to settle in a new home. The quality of the VA health facilities is highly rated and the cost of living is below the national average.

The Nebraska State Capitol and the Pioneer Park Nature Center are just some attractions that folks enjoy visiting, but there are plenty of others that include museums for children and adults alike. Summers are warm, with temperatures that average in the high 80s. Unlike the rest of the Midwest, low 30s is the coldest it gets in winter, making this a prime choice for folks who want to stay as warm as possible while living in the upper half of the United States.

5. Orlando, Florida

The Sunshine State is a favorite of many people for its warm weather, many attractions, and beautiful scenery. Orlando is a top spot for veterans young and old alike to come and settle down in. There’s a variety of federal and civilian jobs to choose from, and healthcare options abound.

For those looking for fun, there are plenty of beaches, and of course famous attractions like Disney World and Epcot Center. Golf and national parks are popular here too, for tourists and locals alike. The weather is warm year-round, ideal for folks who are trying to escape the cold. Finally, there are no state taxes, making it possible to save as soon as you move.

Getting a Start in a New State

When you’re ready to get started building your new life, know that you don’t have to go through it alone. An experienced Clever Partner Agent can help you find the right home to meet your needs, while assisting you in negotiating for the best price. Get in touch today and find out how you can get started in a post-military life.

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