5 Best Neighborhoods to Live in Vancouver, WA

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By Andrew Whytock Updated April 11, 2024


Finding a neighborhood that fits your lifestyle and needs is difficult no matter the state where you want to live. However, you can find the best neighborhood in Vancouver with a little help. Don’t know what areas to consider? Find out everything about the best places to live in Vancouver, WA.

5 Best Neighborhoods to Live in Vancouver, WA in 2019

Living your best life starts with where you live. It doesn’t matter if you’re new to town or a current resident, finding the neighborhood that fits your lifestyle and needs is the first step. Maybe you’re moving to Vancouver, WA, or looking for the best place to put your roots down, but don’t know what areas to consider.

Want to learn everything about the best places to live in The Couve? Here are the top five neighborhoods you should consider to live in Vancouver.

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1. Cascade Highlands

Cascade Highlands made our list for its diverse housing options and amenities. This residential area offers a variety of options from apartment complexes to single-family homes.

The median home value for houses in Cascade Highlands is $348,400, while the median rent is $1,806 — which is over the state median rent of $1,709. Homes in this area appreciated 4.5% in 2018. In 2019, real estate experts expect a rise in home value appreciation by 1.8%.

Cascade is home to highly rated schools and great parks. This area also features a variety of shops and restaurants. The great home appreciation rates, housing options, and neighborhood amenities make it ideal for young professionals and families alike.

2. Village at Fisher’s Landing

We chose to feature this neighborhood in our list for its low crime rate and amenities. This area is near the airport and close to the heart of the city.

The properties at Village at Fisher’s Landing have a median value of $488,600, by contrast, the median rent is about $2,000. which is over the state median. In 2018, homes in this neighborhood rose in value by 4.5%, while real estate experts foresee a rise of 2.0% in home values within 2019.

This neighborhood offers a wide array of restaurant options to satisfy any palate from coffee shops to breweries. The Village is only a 20-minute drive from Portland, giving its residents access to fine shopping and restaurant options. Living in this area may come with a high price tag; however, its accessible location and amenities make it a great option for home buyers looking to live in a suburb.

3. Fisher’s Creek

Fisher’s Creek made our list for its diverse architectural styles and location. This area is only 10 miles away from the heart of Vancouver.

The median home value for properties in Fisher’s Creek is $394,800, while $2,019 is the median rent in this neighborhood. Fisher’s Creek homes appreciated 1.6% in 2018. Home experts expect property values to depreciate by 0.1% in 2019.

Fisher’s Creek Park is the heart of this neighborhood. The 1.9-acre park extends to the Fisher’s Creek wetland. This area features a playground and picnic tables perfect for family-friendly activities.

Although Fisher’s Creek's low appreciation rates might make you think twice about buying a home in this area, its amenities and location make it a great option for families and young professionals looking to put down their roots.

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4. Oakbrook

We chose to feature this neighborhood for its diverse housing options and low crime rate. Housing options in this area range from apartments to single-family homes you may rent or buy. According to Niche, 52% of its residents are homeowners while 48% choose to rent their homes.

Oakbrook’s median home value is $310,400, contrarily its median rent is about $1,694 which is below Vancouver’s median rent price. Homes in this housing market rose in value by 6.6% in 2018. In 2019, experts forecast a 2.6% rise in home value appreciation.

This area is home to great schools — making it a family-friendly option. This neighborhood also offers easy access to public transport and parks. Oakbrook’s impressive home value appreciation rates, schools, and parks make it the most affordable family-friendly option on our list.

5. Bella Vista

Bella Vista made our list for its amenities and relaxed lifestyle. This neighborhood is home to a wide array of restaurants, shops, and fitness centers.

The median home value in this neighborhood is $356,600, while the median rent is around $1,837 which is over the state median. Bella Vista homes appreciated by 3.4% but experts predict a rise in home value of only 0.5% in 2019.

Bella Vista residents cite the relaxing and calm atmosphere as the top feature of the neighborhood. This area also features easy access to public transportation. The low potential rise in home value might make you hesitate to buy a home in this area, but the diverse amenities and atmosphere make it ideal if you’re looking for a relaxed lifestyle.

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