5 Best Neighborhoods to Live in St. Paul, MN

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By Andrew Whytock Updated April 11, 2024


Finding the best neighborhoods to live in St. Paul depends on your family’s needs. Low crime rates, good schools, and walkability all factor in. With all of the city’s gorgeous nature, there’s no reason you should have a home that feels less than ideal.

5 Best Neighborhoods to Live in St. Paul, MN in 2019

If you’re considering moving to St. Paul, MN, there are plenty of gorgeous, safe, quiet, and friendly neighborhoods all around town. It’s even slightly cheaper than nearby Minneapolis with an average home sale price around $214,500. It’s absolutely a seller’s market, however, which means that you’re going to need an experienced local agent to help guide you to getting the best bang for your buck when you buy.

Here are the five best neighborhoods in St. Paul to move to if you’re looking for a solid family home or just a starter as a single or recently married professional.

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1. Como

St. Paul’s Como Park is one of the city’s favorite weekend relaxation spots in nice weather. The Como neighborhood surrounds the park and Lake Como on all sides. The main road in the neighborhood is Snelling Avenue which is teeming with small apartments for young professionals and small families.

For people who want a little more space, there are single-family homes all throughout the neighborhood. It’s also a great place to raise kids, with the Como Zoo so close by and events near the park all throughout the year.

While the prices are slightly above the median home value of $221,000, the homes are sure to increase in value because of how perfect the neighborhood is for families. If you want to make a little extra money, let fairgoers park on your yard for a fee during the late August Minnesota State Fair.

As far as schools go, there is the nearby Twin Cities German Immersion K-8 school that parents rave about.

2. Dayton’s Bluff

Directly to the east of downtown St. Paul is the neighborhood of Dayton’s Bluff. While this neighborhood was originally a place for wealthy lumber barons to build on the hill to overlook downtown investments, the plan backfired. As industry boomed in the late 19th century, more and more homes populated and crowded the once elite area.

Before the lumber barons, the area was the home of Hopewell Native Americans and there are many traditional landmarks still around.

The region has a lot of diversity in the modern era and has a mix of gorgeous older homes and many postwar buildings. Being close to the Mississippi River means there’s no shortage of views to be had. There are also several schools in the region, including the well-loved Twin Cities Academy Middle School.

Expect a diverse range of prices depending on the home and where it’s located in the neighborhood.

3. Highwood/Battle Creek

In the southeast of St. Paul is a cluster of small neighborhoods including Sunray, Battle Creek, and Highwood. The region has a history of being industrial, with rail yards, factories, and even a wastewater treatment plant nearby.

There was even a hazardous materials dump in the Pigs Eye Lake region that’s still being cleaned up.

However, the housing is very affordable, especially north of I-94. While the crime rate is higher than it is south of I-94, the region is still teeming with families and working people. South of I-94, there are larger, quieter, and still affordable family homes.

Look along the river bluffs for some of the best properties in the region. The eastern border also has a wide variety of public schools.

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4. Hamline-Midway

On the west side of St. Paul, the Hamline-Midway neighborhood. It stretches across Hamline Avenue and contains Hamline University. The region is fairly quiet despite the fact that there are so many students around.

Medium and small family homes are all throughout the neighborhood. There are also several apartment buildings that house many of the students, staff, professors, and young people. Ask an experienced local agent to help you navigate which type of property is ideal for you.

This neighborhood is walkable and quiet all throughout the week. Nearby is the highly rated Jie Ming Mandarin Immersion K-8 school which any parent in the region will be happy to rave about.

5. Highland Park

In the southwestern corner of the city sits the fairly large neighborhood of Highland Park. Its size and distance from the center of the city can make it feel like it’s more suburban than most other St. Paul neighborhoods.

There are lots of Victorian homes mixed with single-family houses and small apartment buildings. There’s plenty of wooded parks and even an imminently walkable commercial district. With plenty of stores and restaurants in the area, it’s possible to spend a weekend enjoying Highland Park without needing to head downtown for anything.

This area has one of the lowest crime rates in the city while being politically conservative within the liberal city of St. Paul.

There are lots of schools around, including the venerated Highland Senior High School.

Best Neighborhoods in St. Paul Have Things in Common

When you’re looking for the best neighborhoods in St. Paul to move to, you’ll need some help from an experienced local real estate agent so that you land the best deal. It’s vital for anyone new to the region to have someone in their corner with the ability to negotiate a good deal and who knows the best time to buy. Since sellers usually foot the bill for a buyer’s commission, you shouldn’t bother to go into buying without an agent by your side.

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