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5 Best Neighborhoods to Live in Long Beach in 2019

Seeking the best neighborhoods to live in Long Beach is a challenge without the right guidance. You need to know all about schools, parks, and market trends. Thankfully an experienced local agent can help you.
Seeking the best neighborhoods to live in Long Beach is a challenge without the right guidance. You need to know all about schools, parks, and market trends. Thankfully an experienced local agent can help you.

Finding the best neighborhoods in Long Beach to move to has become a challenge, with the local government having to step in and crack down on Airbnb. Even experienced local real estate agents have found it hard to follow trends in the market because of the influence of short-term rentals. If you’ve looked and had a hard time, imagine how hard it will be to negotiate a price without help from and full-service agent.

Here are five of the best neighborhoods to live in Long Beach and why they might be perfect for you and your family.

1. East Village

Long Beach is filled known for beautiful weather, great food, and good looking people. That’s also one of the things that the East Village has become known for. For young singles, this is one of the best areas to move in for having fun, meeting people, and enjoying art and live music.

If you want to live somewhere with an active nightlife, plenty of fine art, designer boutiques, and all kinds of entertainment, the East Village is the place to be.

It’s also one of the regions with the best high school graduation rates in the city. The Long Beach Unified School District is a prestigious and award-winning district. In 2017, they won the Broad Prize, the largest education prize in the country awarded to urban school districts, for the contributions they make to California’s students.

As median home prices have dipped below $600,000 for the first time recently, now is the best time to invest to see a good return in a popular neighborhood.

2. Bixby Knolls

With a median income of $77,000, this multigenerational neighborhood is filled with legacy families who’ve been around for a while. The region includes the Virginia Country Club which welcomes guest players but has a strictly enforced dress code, if that tells you something about the neighborhood.

This neighborhood boasts a 95% high school graduation rate and some of the lowest crime in Long Beach. Wealthy families and anyone looking to get away from the city flock to this area. It’s got plenty of community events, local literacy clubs, and many public parks.

There’s a tight-knit aspect to the region, but the overall lifestyle is relaxed and leisurely. If you’re looking to get involved in a community that has a lot of resources, both tangible and intangible, this is the place to be.

3. Hellman Street Historic District

For a middle-class neighborhood teeming with working families, look no further than the Hellman Street Craftsman district. The reason for the name of this neighborhood is the high number of Craftsman bungalows that were built for the middle class of the city. They arose during the “arts and crafts” era of American art history.

The region is a great place for young families and young professionals to invest in with easy access to North Alamitos Beach. The local community has worked hard to fight for funding to beautify the region and have built some pocket parks in recent years, investing in more green space.

Luther Burbank and Lincoln Elementary Schools are nearby and highly rated for their curriculum and community involvement. With plenty of art museums nearby, there are plenty of opportunities to educate kids academically and culturally.

4. Naples

This upper-middle class creative neighborhood has one of the higher median incomes in the area at more than $95,000 a year. This affords a lot of people the ability to buy their own home, although home values in the region are the highest in the area at just under $900,000.

The area is idyllic, however, given that it’s built on three islands in the Alamitos Bay. The canals that surround the islands provide for 360 degrees of beautiful views. With the large fountain based in the center and the Italianate names, the region leans into its own charm.

Mother’s Beach and the playground to the north offer lots of opportunity for leisure. Whether you want to move here or just want to visit on the weekends, this “Venice in America” is one of the loveliest places in the city.

Nearby Naples Elementary school ensures that kids grow up being able to be walked to school in their earliest years. It’s a walkable community with a lot packed into a dense region.

5. Belmont Heights

This is a region that’s been populated by younger and middle-aged couples in recent years who are looking to start their families. With a median home value that’s lower than most parts of the city, the residents still earn a high median income.

One of the most charming aspects of Belmont Heights is that it has a particularly high number of parrots living in the palm trees. Redondo Avenue borders it to the west and the Recreation Park borders it on the east.

The area is immensely walkable with lots of restaurants and cafes scattered throughout. Head to the east and go down E 2nd Street and you’ll find a dense area where you can walk and shop on the weekend.

Fremont Elementary School is at the center of the neighborhood and is known for having small class sizes and highly-skilled teachers on hand. The region gives you access to everything the city has to offer while maintaining the perfect elements for raising a family.

The Best Neighborhoods in Long Beach Are Competitive

When you’re looking to move into the best neighborhoods in Long Beach, the market right now has become challenging because of the increased investment. If you want to get a place for a reasonable price, you’ll need an experienced local agent to negotiate on your behalf. Without one, you could risk paying too much in a neighborhood that isn’t a perfect fit.

Since your seller is going to have to take up the burden of paying for your agent’s commission, you should work with a full-service agent who has your interests in mind. Contact us today to get paired up with a Clever Partner Agent who can help you to qualify for $1,000 in rebates to help pay for the closing costs standing in between you and your new home.


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