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5 Best Neighborhoods to Live in Delaware in 2019

If you’re considering a move to or within Delaware, there are many great communities to choose from. Here is our list of some of the best neighborhoods to live in Delaware in 2019.
If you’re considering a move to or within Delaware, there are many great communities to choose from. Here is our list of some of the best neighborhoods to live in Delaware in 2019.

Anyone who has been watching Delaware’s real estate market over the past few years knows how hot it has been. The state’s home prices grew faster in 2018 than every other state except Oregon.

Home values continue to rise this year. According to May data from Zillow, the median home value is $237,300. But there are many opportunities to find a neighborhood where you can purchase two- or three-bedroom homes for less than $180,000.

There are also more exclusive communities where homes can cost in the millions. No matter what your budget, however, you should always work with a professional realtor. They know the market trends throughout Delaware and can tell you about neighborhoods that are solid investments.

They can help you find your dream home within your budget and one that suits your lifestyle and needs. Here’s our list of the best neighborhoods in Delaware.


Woodbrook is an unincorporated community in New Castle County about three miles north of Wilmington. It surrounds the Dupont Championship Golf Course and Country Club.

This is a relatively exclusive and planned neighborhood that is set apart in swaths of green space. The community is near a commercial strip with shops and restaurants. This is family-oriented community and it’s not uncommon to see parents pushing strollers and kids running on sidewalks.

Homes in Woodbrook can top $600,000.


This is another unincorporated community near Wilmington. It is more affordable than Woodbrook and it has deep roots. It is one of the oldest subdivisions in the state with more than 800 single-family homes.

Most of the houses are brick Colonials. There are also split-levels, and you can find more than a few ranchers. There are also condominiums available for those who want apartment living.

The neighborhood is dotted with restaurants, churches, and shops. The median home price in Fairfax is $312,033. That makes it more expensive than most neighborhoods in Delaware.

There are opportunities for investors. Its proximity to Wilmington makes it attractive for renters who aren’t able to enter the housing market. The average rental price is nearly $1,500 per month.

The Wilmington Riverfront

This is one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Delaware. It is the place to be if you want a lively atmosphere, restaurants, theaters, and special events and concerts all year round.

The community is set along the Christina River and it uses its location to the fullest. There is a local rowing club and you can find regattas throughout the summer. The neighborhood has a skating rink in the winter and jogging trails criss-cross the area.

There are not too many single-family homes along the waterfront. It is mostly a townhouse and condominium neighborhood. The median home value in Wilmington is $227,800. It rose by a whopping 6.4% last year. The growth isn’t letting up. This year promises to be another big year in real estate for the city.

Westover Hills

This is an elegant and prestigious community on the outskirts of Wilmington. It has some of the finest architecture in the state. It was built with corporate executives and professionals in mind.

The community is known for its large manicured lots and attractive location. The neighborhood is a draw for those who admire great architecture. You can find wide variety of architectural styles in the neighborhood from Tudor to Colonial. There are also Dutch Revival and French Provincial homes dating back to the 1920s and 1930s.

Most have been well-maintained and modernized. These homes can cost more than $2 million. But there are also many affordable opportunities in this community in the outskirts of the community.

The Highlands

The Highlands present a more affordable living community than its neighbor Westover Hills. This is an old-fashioned community with neighbors you will find sitting on their front porches in the afternoons and evenings. It’s a place where everyone socializes.

This area of Wilmington started in the 19th century as a more affluent, middle-class community. It was made up of doctors and the area’s business leaders. Now, neighborhood is filled with shops and restaurants surrounded by large houses.

The Highlands has its fair share of townhouses and there are also apartments available for sale. As you approach the edge of The Highlands, you will find some of the area’s most magnificent homes with massive windows and high ceilings.

New Castle

New Castle is both a tourist attraction and one of Delaware’s most robust neighborhoods. The median home value in the city is affordable for young professionals and low-to-middle income earners with a median home value of $183,700.

But buyers should enter the market quickly. New Castle’s real estate is very hot and it looks like it will continue to grow into 2020. Homes in the neighborhood have eclectic styles.

There are 200 year-old homes that have been refurbished. But there are plenty of newer homes as well. This community also offers a wide range of events to keep its residents occupied. There is a Halloween parade, an Easter pageant, and a summer art show.

Ocean View

This community in Sussex County is home to about 2,000 residents and it’s growing quickly. Ocean View’s heritage goes back to the 17th century. It’s more recent claim to fame is that it is the birthplace of the commercial broiler industry, a driving force behind Delaware’s economy.

The town is located just one mile away from Bethany Beach and the Atlantic Ocean. It has plenty of amenities and has lots of recreational opportunities, especially if you like the water.

Its population is older and active. The median age of residents is 51. Ocean view properties in the town can cost between $900,000 and $2 million.

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