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5 Best Neighborhoods to Live in Arlington, VA in 2019

With a strong economy and highly educated populace, Arlington, Virginia is an attractive location for professionals. If you’re looking to buy a home in this Washington, D.C., community, do your research on which neighborhood is best, and connect with a realtor to navigate its competitive market.
With a strong economy and highly educated populace, Arlington, Virginia is an attractive location for professionals. If you’re looking to buy a home in this Washington, D.C., community, do your research on which neighborhood is best, and connect with a realtor to navigate its competitive market.

If you’re looking to move to a city with a strong economy and educated workforce, Arlington, Virginia is your best bet. As one of the principal cities of the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, Arlington is naturally home to a multitude of federal government employees, the majority of whom work for the Department of Defense, Department of Justice, and Department of Homeland Security.

Private corporations like Lockheed Martin and Marriott International also employ a large number of Arlingtonians. A large number of people are employed in some type of management or administrative role, putting Arlington squarely in the “white-collar” category.

At just 2.7%, the unemployment rate in Arlington consistently ranks among the lowest in all of Virginia, and its numbers stack up nicely against the national average, too. As of March 2019, Arlington’s recent and future job growth rates were 1.9% and 39.1%, respectively, compared to the national rates of 1.6% and 33.5%.

The city’s population is among the most highly-educated in the nation, with 35% having a bachelor’s degree and 39% having a master’s degree or higher. It’s also one of the most highly paid, with a median family income of $112,000 versus the U.S. average of $58,000.

From a lifestyle perspective, Arlington is a magnet for single people, and, for those looking to help offset the cost of a new home, Arlington has one of the highest concentrations of roommates in the United States. Because of its location in the D.C. Metro area, commute times can be longer than average, and fewer than average number of residents own their own car. Fortunately, Arlington relies heavily on public transportation, including regional rail systems, bus systems, a bicycle sharing program, and hybrid taxis.

Higher incomes typically translate to higher property values, and Arlington is no exception. According to Zillow, Arlington’s median home value is $689,300, a huge jump over the national $226,700 average, and it’s only supposed to keep growing. The city’s also in the middle of a hot seller’s market, meaning you may face extra competition from other buyers during your home search.

But before you even think about getting into a bidding war, do some research on which neighborhoods are right for you. Check out some of these popular Arlington communities:


This dense urban neighborhood in Arlington’s southwestern corner is home to a number of apartments and single-family homes. It’s advantageous for those looking for a studio or one- to two-bedroom living spaces. For people who want to live a more earth-friendly lifestyle, Ballston’s residents love to bike, walk, or take public transportation to and from work. At $459,800, the median real estate value for Ballston is lower than Arlington’s average.


Rosslyn sits across the Potomac River from Georgetown in Washington, D.C. Its distinct skyline has been featured in a number of movies and television shows. While the community is heavily urbanized, with some of the tallest buildings in the D.C. area, it does feature several miles of paved pedestrian and biking trails.

It’s also a hub for highway and subway systems. This young professional-friendly neighborhood is home to several bars, restaurants, and coffee shops. The median real estate value in Rosslyn is $581,330.

Arlington Heights

One of the city’s more coveted neighborhoods, Arlington Heights is a tight-knit, charming community in the heart of Arlington. This national historic district features a number of older homes in the Colonial Revival and Tudor Revival styles popular in the early to mid-20th century.

The median real estate value in Arlington Heights is $725,500.

Lyon Park

Despite being located only a couple miles from the D.C. metro area, Lyon Park’s large, mature trees give it a quiet, suburban feeling. This neighborhood features several older single-family homes, including Craftsman-style bungalows from the 1920’s. Lyon Park ranks high for walkability and dog friendliness. The median real estate value in this neighborhood is $975,824.

Williamsburg Village

Williamsburg Village has been a hotbed of residential construction in recent years, and developers are thinking big. Homes in this neighborhood are large compared to the rest of the city, often four to five bedrooms on 10,000 square foot lots. The community may be a good choice for buyers in the market for a luxury property who can afford the over $1 million median home value.

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