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5 Best Neighborhoods in Washington DC to Live in 2019

If you’re thinking of buying a house in Washington, D.C. in 2019, where should you focus your search? Which neighborhoods will fit your needs? Here are six options for all types of home buyers.
If you’re thinking of buying a house in Washington, D.C. in 2019, where should you focus your search? Which neighborhoods will fit your needs? Here are six options for all types of home buyers.

Washington, D.C., is much more than the nation’s capital. It’s a city rich in history, full of charming neighborhoods and suburbs, with something to offer almost everyone. If you’re home shopping in D.C., you’ll want to narrow your search to neighborhoods which fit your criteria.

The best neighborhood for a retired couple might not be the best neighborhood for a young family. Childless couples couldn’t care less about local schools, and might trade a higher crime rate for lower cost of living. Our list has a neighborhood to fit the needs of many different buyers.

North Rosslyn

Do you travel often for work? Consider home shopping in North Rosslyn. In addition to easy airport access you’ll find paddling on the Potomac and hiking trails. It’s great for outdoor lovers, though doesn’t have much in the way of nightlife or upscale dining.

Houses sell for a premium in North Rosslyn. The median home value is $788,900, and has been relatively flat year over year. The excellent schools attract many families, but it probably won’t make the list for first-time home buyers. If you’re trying to buy there but need to save money, consider working with a discount realtor.


Need something cheaper? Look in Ballston, where median home values are $495,200.

It’s a more diverse area, with a mix of young professionals and families, drawn by more affordable housing, great schools, and public parks. It’s chock full of bars and restaurants for those who like to go out, but you will be dealing with some crime and homelessness.


Brookland homes may be expensive, with median home values of $646,500, but its tree-lined streets and quiet vibe make it the perfect spot for retirees. It’s near a Metro station and buses run frequently, so those who no longer want to drive will still be able to get around.

Restaurants have a more casual vibe, perfect for those who don’t care to dress up often. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have any big parks, but Fort Bunker Hill Park is close.

Park View

Nestled in Northwest D.C., Park View is connected to the city by the Green Line. Within the neighborhood, you’re never more than a 15 minute walk to public transportation. It’s home to several properties on the historical record, and has a high rate of home ownership.

It’s a very residential area, with colorful row houses, and considered an up-and-coming part of D.C. Gentrification has led to tensions with long-time residents, and the crime rates are still higher than other neighborhoods. While median homes values are $675,800, you can still find condos for around $200,000. Save money on your home purchase by asking your agent about a home buyer’s rebate.

McLean Gardens

McLean Gardens has an urban feel, but has many parks for those who like a taste of the outdoors. It has excellent public schools and is a great place for families, particularly since homes sell for a reasonable $393,900.

Housing stock is a mix of apartment buildings and single-family residences, and it can be harder to find a home. Hang out in one of the many restaurants, bars and coffee shops, with young professionals. The majority of the area’s residents have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree, with close to 50% of them having an advanced degree.

It’s an extremely safe neighborhood. Your chances of being a victim of violent crime are 1 in 2,406, versus 1 in 480 for Virginia as a whole.


Across the river from the capital, Arlington connects to D.C. via the Metro but has a less-urban feel. Because the Metro runs underground, the land above has been dedicated to a mix of residential, retail, and commercial. Residents of its single-family homes, often found in cul-de-sacs, will have easy access to shopping.

The median value of homes is $689,300, and have been rising. It has great schools, but also great diversity. Residents represent over 140 countries, giving the neighborhood a cosmopolitan feel. If you live there, you have a slightly higher than average change of being a victim of property crime, but a lower chance of becoming a victim of violent crime than in Virginia overall.

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