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5 Best Neighborhoods in St. Louis to Live in 2019

Looking to purchase a home in the St. Louis area but don’t know where to start? There are many wonderful neighborhoods to choose from, but these five are some of the best neighborhoods in St. Louis to live in 2019.
Looking to purchase a home in the St. Louis area but don’t know where to start? There are many wonderful neighborhoods to choose from, but these five are some of the best neighborhoods in St. Louis to live in 2019.

St. Louis is one of the hottest markets in the nation right now, and for good reason. From great schools and cultural diversity to gorgeous state parks and botanical gardens, it’s a popular location for a wide range of people.

There’s a thriving arts community and a number of events for children, as well, which appeals to families, couples, and young professionals alike.

From a real estate perspective, St. Louis is extremely promising. The median home value is $119,500 with a median listing price of $151,000 and a median sale price of $130,100. While St. Louis has already seen a growth rate of 1.9% in the last year, it’s expected to beat that in the coming year with a projected growth of 3.6%.

What’s more, the most recent numbers show that 14.9% of homes on the market have a price cut or discount associated with them, making it a great time for prospective home buyers in the area.

With all that St. Louis has to offer, you might be wondering where to start your search. After all, St. Louis is a large area with multiple neighborhoods to choose from.

While you should consult your real estate agent when deciding on the perfect neighborhood for your needs, here are five neighborhoods in St. Louis that are a great starting point for anyone looking to purchase a home here.

Richmond Heights

With a population of 8,466 and a decidedly suburban feel, Richmond Heights is one of the best-kept secrets of St. Louis. This suburb offers quiet living that’s still close to the city action, plenty of dining and entertainment options, and is popular among young professionals.

The median home value in Richmond Heights is $273,600 with a median sale price of $262,400, and 55% of residents own their home. Richmond Heights has seen a growth of 1.9% in the last year and is expected to experience a growth of 1.2% in the coming year.

The town here resembles colonial towns on the east coast, and it’s said that Robert E. Lee named the town Richmond Heights because of its similarity to Richmond, Virginia. You can walk easily through town to various locations such as restaurants and bars, and the public schools here have excellent ratings.

Richmond Heights is a great place for families, single professionals, and couples alike.


The charming town of Clayton is a decidedly more urban-feeling town than Richmond Heights and has nearly double the population size at 16,214. Clayton has a great job market, fairly good weather, and commuting to and from work is easier here than in most places.

Clayton also tends to rank higher in safety than some of the other suburbs in the region, and it’s also known for top-notch public schools. The median home value here is $673,300, and while home values dipped slightly in the last year they’re expected to rise 0.6% in the coming year.

This makes it a great time for anyone looking to purchase a home in Clayton.

Given the bustling city life atmosphere here, Clayton tends to be more popular among young professionals and families than retirees. However, it’s nestled within some beautiful natural scenery, as well, making it easy to get away when you need to.

With house prices expected to rise in the coming years, those who purchase a home in Clayton now will be able to benefit from appreciation, making it a buyer’s market.


Checking in with a population of 8,025 the suburban area of Brentwood is charming, safe, and close to many highly rated public schools. The median household income here is $74,650, and the job outlook is positive.

Over the last year, Brentwood has experienced a growth of 3.4% and is expected to grow another 2% in the coming year.

The median home value here is $204,100, with a median list price of $239,900 and a median sale price of $156,500.

Perched right on the edge of the city, Brentwood offers the best of both worlds and is a great place for anyone who enjoys the quiet of the suburbs as well as the creature comforts of the city.


Glendale is a charming community that offers a small town feel, even though it’s a suburb of a much larger city. Violent crime rates here are well below the national average, and the public schools are all highly rated.

The median household income in Glendale is $131,250, and the job market is stable and promising for the coming years.

The median home value in Glendale is $392,100 with a median list price of $382,400. Over the last year, this suburb has experienced a home value growth of 3.7% and is expected to see another 1.7% growth in the coming year.

A conservative community of friendly people nestled on the outskirts of St. Louis, Glendale is a great place for families who want to raise their children near good schools in a relatively safe area will still having access to the excitement of the city.


Kirkwood earns consistently high marks across the board. From its promising job market and great public schools to its safety and diversity, Kirkwood is an excellent place to live. It’s especially popular among retirees who want a quiet place to live but who still want to be active.

Between 2017 and 2018, Kirkwood saw a huge increase in property values. This trend dipped slightly in the last several months, but in the next year, it’s expected to grow 2%. Right now is a good time for buyers who want to move to Kirkwood, since they’ll be able to take advantage of the slightly lower costs while being able to enjoy appreciation.

The median home value in Kirkwood is $306,800 with a median list price of $384,900 and a median sale price of $240,700. The median income here is $79,439.

For those looking to find a quiet home nestled in natural beauty but still just in reach of the city, Kirkwood is an excellent option.


Regardless of which neighborhood in St. Louis you choose to call home, it’s important to work with a local, experienced real estate agent who can guide you through the process. Only a local agent has the expertise necessary to help you time your purchase, get the best deal, negotiate well, and ensure you have the most successful home buying experience.

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