5 Best Neighborhoods in New York City for Singles

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By Jamie Ayers Updated February 24, 2023


Finding the best neighborhood in NYC for singles is a challenge whether you’re new to the city or you’ve been partnered up for years. Scrolling through real estate listings in NYC is a challenge for anyone, especially if you’re trying to balance out where the singles are. Put your trust in a local agent.

5 Best Neighborhoods in New York City for Singles

If you’re new to New York City or have just left your former love behind and are wondering where to go for your next romantic adventure, the whole city might seem like your oyster. Given that the subway can get you anywhere, it might feel like there’s no reason to limit yourself to one part of the city. However, if you’ve ever tried to catch an L train during the shutdown after a disastrous date, you might consider swearing off dating altogether.

Experienced local realtors are expert people watchers and they know that even though each neighborhood is filled with a variety of people, some attract singles more than others. One way to sniff out good neighborhoods for singles is to ask an experienced local agent where the most 1BRs and studio apartments pop up. These are in pricier neighborhoods, which have already been picked clean, and neighborhoods which are about to become pricey.

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Here are the five best neighborhoods in NYC for singles, where it’s still affordable to be single.

1. Lower East Side

The avenues of the Lower East Side are tightly nested together, but the sun still shines because most buildings top off at five stories. This allows for lots of people to pack in but gives you just enough room to breathe.

The Lower East Side’s median home values are dropping after cresting near the $1 million mark. If you’re a young professional who loves the mix of Chinese and Puerto Rican culture mashed up with a few tightly-arranged bistro tables, this is the place to invest.

There are street fairs, cultural events, and galleries galore where you could bump into your next great fling while you drink free wine and try to unpack the artist’s meaning.

2. Greenpoint

While this neighborhood sits just north of the Williamsburg epicenter of hipness, it can be kind of tricky to get to without a bike or a car on nights and weekends. That’s what keeps it fairly affordable for the space and calmness it has to offer. Compared to the hustle and bustle of other parts of the borough close to the East River, many of Greenpoint’s streets offer a welcome quiet throughout the day.

While median values are just over $1 million, current listings are at around the same rate, meaning prices are dropping. You could end up with a beautiful brownstone or a cute condo for far less than you would have paid five years ago.

Greenpoint also offers delicious Polish food shoulder-to-shoulder with some great pizza and one of the best doughnut shops in all of the city. Grab a spot at the diner counter and give a nod to all the beautiful people you see.

3. Williamsburg

While Williamsburg has become cultural shorthand for "hip," the aforementioned L train shutdown caused a whole wave of potential residents to look elsewhere. Now that the mountain has been reduced to a frustrating molehill, this dust has settled and prices have dropped.

Nearly half of this neighborhood identifies as single, though you’ll have to go back to their place to check for signs of a partner, kids, or roommates living in the closet.

Because this neighborhood is a little more hustling and bustling than next-door Greenpoint, it’s nearly 10% cheaper. You should buy in now before prices start skyrocketing out of reach if you’re looking for a good place to park your money or just your belongings.

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4. Astoria

If you’re tired of Manhattan or Brooklyn after 40 hours of working in one of those areas or if you work from home, Astoria is one of the best places in the city to live. Nestled in Queens just off of the N, R, or E trains, you can get to LaGuardia airport pretty easily from here. You’ll be able to hop a jet for a quick getaway or head to the water for a weekend stroll, either one feeling like a far cry from Manhattan.

Astoria is also great for people with adventurous palates. If you like kosher food, Russian food, Greek, Czech, Hispanic, or African, you’ll love what you can find all within just a few blocks. As you look for your next partner, you won’t run out of date spots to try out.

There are also plenty of fun bars that range from fancy cocktails to kitschy dives. Why not visit and try it all? Given you could find something roomy for around $800,000, you’ll have a little extra cash in your pocket.

5. Upper East Side

When you think of the Upper East Side, you might think of older women in giant fur coats and Trump Tower, but that doesn’t tell the whole story. This sleepy neighborhood is connected to the rest of the city through the 4, 5, 6, and Q trains, making it easy to hop around.

With a population of singles that rivals Williamsburg, it’s worth checking out. And if you’re interested in dating women, women have outnumbered in this neighborhood for many years. There’s far less crime than the national average and plenty of friendly bartenders, meaning it’s easy to strike up conversation into the wee hours.

Home values here have been dipping in recent years but still top a quarter-million more than what you’ll find in Brooklyn. If living in Manhattan and having quick access to the many parks is valuable to you, this is a good choice. There’s no more ideal date than an afternoon at the Met followed by a walk through Central Park.

Which are the Best Neighborhoods for Singles in New York City?

If you’re new to the city or you’ve been living with a partner for a few years, it’s unlikely you’ve been watching the trends in New York City real estate. That’s what partnering with an experienced local agent can ensure that you end up in a home that’s both a great investment but an investment in your social life. One of our Clever Partner Agents will help you save as well by charging you just 1.5% in listing fees.

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