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5 Best Neighborhoods in Los Angeles to Live in 2019

You could spend a lifetime roaming the streets of LA and still not find every nook and cranny. The city is full of art, cuisine, and movie stars! If you’re thinking of getting in on the action you need to decide where to live. Check out some of the best neighborhoods in Los Angeles.
You could spend a lifetime roaming the streets of LA and still not find every nook and cranny. The city is full of art, cuisine, and movie stars! If you’re thinking of getting in on the action you need to decide where to live. Check out some of the best neighborhoods in Los Angeles.

It’s no secret that Los Angeles is enormous. With over 4 million people and at least 472 neighborhoods, finding the right one to call home can feel overwhelming.

What’s more, you definitely want to take into consideration where you will work and what you want to do. Getting around in LA traffic is akin to traveling up the mountainside on a donkey. It will take way longer than you thought and you’ll be stressed and frustrated by the time you reach your destination.

A good rule is to choose a home within five miles of your daily or frequent commutes. Otherwise, you might find that riding a donkey to work would actually be faster than driving.

Going through all 472+ neighborhoods would take way too long and would bore you anyway. Let’s take a quick look at five of the best to help you get a broad idea of where you might like to live.


If you love to be right in the thick of things, there’s nothing quite like downtown LA. This is not the best place for families, but it’s perfect for young professionals who want to be in the middle of the art scene. With everything from fashion to craft beer, there is something for every artist at heart.

Foodies can get lost for days trying all the delicacies that restaurants in the area have to offer. Some of LA’s most decorated chefs have established restaurants in this area. Head to Little Tokyo for an unparalleled experience with Japanese cuisine.

The area is very walkable and there is plenty of public transportation. It may not be a good idea to be out too late, though. This area is can be downright dangerous depending on where you go.

Median home prices ring in at $617,800. The current market is pretty cool, but prices are steadily creeping up each year — as to be expected.


If you’re looking for a more family-oriented vibe, Brentwood is a great place to go. The area is beautiful with good schools and only about five miles from the beach. Things are more spread out, there is plenty of parking, and life is more chill.

You have to have money to live in Brentwood, though. Median home prices are a whopping $2,607,400. Prices rose steadily over the last seven years but have now plateaued.

Los Feliz

It’s an easy trip on public transportation from Los Feliz to Downtown LA. However, the atmosphere is far more chill and it’s a lot safer. This is a great option for those who need to go downtown often, but don’t want to live in the midst of the hustle and bustle.

The area is easily walkable and there are tons of delicious places to eat, fun shops, and, of course, the famous Griffith Park.

The median home price is $1,564,800, so you’ll still need a good income to live in this neighborhood — or perhaps a sizeable inheritance.


Where can you find the largest population of Koreans outside of Korea itself? In LA’s Koreatown. If you love Korean food and Karaoke, this is the place to be.

The central location makes it great for getting to other parts of LA as well. This neighborhood is another good option if you need to get to downtown but don’t want to live there.

Median home values are somewhat more modest at $630,000. Values have steadily risen for the past seven years and are still expected to creep upwards.

Highland Park

If you’d prefer to live in a more relaxed, historic part of town, check out Highland Park. It has been a part of LA since the 1780s, if you can believe it!

It hasn’t been left in the dust, however, Newer, trendy shops and restaurants are still popping up all over the neighborhood. There is a nice mix of old and new in this part of the city. Be sure to check out the local farmer’s market — it’s one of the best in LA.

It’s not the cheapest place to live in LA, but it’s certainly not the most expensive. Median home values are at $789,300.

Best Neighborhood in Los Angeles

As we’ve already mentioned, these five neighborhoods in Los Angeles barely scratch the surface. Needless to say, this city literally has something for everyone — you just have to take the time to find it.

Make your search easier by partnering with a local real estate agent that knows the area inside and out. With the help of an experienced agent, you can find homes in your favorite neighborhoods within your budget.

Once you’ve got your dream home in the crosshairs, your agent will know how to take advantage of the cool market to get you a great deal.

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