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5 Best Neighborhoods in Indianapolis to Live in 2019

Whether you’re relocating to a new city or a new neighborhood, moving to Indianapolis gives you lots of options. You could get a place near the reservoir or right in the heart of downtown. With the help of an experienced local agent, you’re sure to find the best neighborhoods in Indianapolis to live in.
Whether you’re relocating to a new city or a new neighborhood, moving to Indianapolis gives you lots of options. You could get a place near the reservoir or right in the heart of downtown. With the help of an experienced local agent, you’re sure to find the best neighborhoods in Indianapolis to live in.

In recent years, Chicago has been grumbling about another midwestern city that seems to be sucking all of its talent away. Indianapolis has become the latest choice for people from Chicago looking for more space and more opportunities at a lower price. If you’re looking for the best neighborhoods in Indianapolis, you’ll find that the city offers something for everyone.

Here are five areas to take a look at in 2019.

1. Lockerbie Square

If you’re looking to stay within the central city, Lockerbie Square is one of the best choices for those who like a little bit of everything. This area is developing much faster than most other parts of the city and is seeing a whole lot of rehab. There are plenty of inexpensive and easy-to-renovate houses.

The neighborhood has plenty of friendly LGBT families and empty-nesters who live in the region’s small frame houses. It’s a great place for young families who are looking to start settling down.

If you’re interested in the nightlife, you won’t find as much as other neighborhoods, but you’ll find the city’s most well-known brewery at the north edge of the neighborhood in the center. The north edge of the neighborhood is outlined by Mass Ave and within its borders, you’ll find a high quality of life, thanks to the neighborhood’s efforts at revitalization.

While the real estate was once mostly brick townhouses, there are new luxury developments going up, offering a variety of options, views, and amenities. Buying here is sure to reward investors with returns.

2. Broad Ripple

While this neighborhood is much more lively than others in the city, it’s a mix of thriving professionals and recent college grads. There are lots of bars, shopping options, and restaurants galore.

This neighborhood is highly walkable and has a feel of Williamsburg, Brooklyn or Wicker Park, Chicago. If you’re looking for a nightlife or to buy your first place as a young professional, this could be the place. Since there are so many people here under 40, it’s not the ideal neighborhood for new families looking for quiet space.

Houses are small, which fits its history as the home of artists and brewers. The Broad Ripple Brewpub is the oldest brewery in the whole state and welcomes new residents.

The neighborhood also has the Monon Trail running through it, attracting tourists and weekenders looking to take a boat out.

This is a great place to make an early investment before the prices climb out of reach. With the help of a Clever Partner Agent, you can even qualify for a rebate on closing.

3. Clermont

Clermont is a few miles from downtown but perfect for anyone looking to stay close to nature while being a short drive from downtown. At the banks of the Eagle Creek Reservoir, it’s a huge draw for visitors and locals.

Nearby is one of the largest city-owned parks in the whole country and perfect for people who love fishing and getting out on a boat. You’ll find it to be a peaceful reprieve from city life.

Clermont is great for families looking to settle down as Ben Davis High School is one of the best in the city. With the combination of nature, education, and home prices under $120,000, there’s no good reason not to move to Clermont.

4. Homecroft

Slightly more upscale than other areas, this is becoming one of the biggest commercial centers in the southern part of Indianapolis. With a booming economy and home prices over $140,000, the region is growing fast. Since 94% of the area’s residents own their own homes, this is a place to invest in now before the housing stock runs out.

There are some great schools like Southport High School and Homecroft Elementary that boast a lot of engagement from parents and families. The region has positive academic output and plenty of recreation to boot.

Nearby, the Southport Stadium is the home of Southport Cardinals athletics, boasting one of the best high school teams in the region.

With easy access to downtown and plenty of shopping nearby, it’s one of the best suburbs in the whole of the midwest, not to mention the Indianapolis area.

4. Meridian-Kessler and Meridian Hills

As one of the best neighborhoods in all of the city, you’ll get a mix of a suburban feel while still being close to the center of Indianapolis. There are lots of long-established families filling many of the homes, but there are still homes here on the market on a regular basis.

Young families have come for the access to Butler University, the art museum, and lots of great restaurants.

Just up the road is Meridian Hills where the median purchase price of a home is up beyond the $430,000 mark. This safe and sleepy community is still close to the city and has its own governing power.

If you like golfing, great schools, and a place where you could retire, Meridian Hills is the place for you.

5. Southport

Southport is a region that’s on its way up. This area has a median home purchase price of $115,400 and is located in a woodsy region just outside the outer ring of Indianapolis. If the idea of a lakeside suburban community sounds good to you, this is the place to be.

The local Mary Bryan Elementary School boasts a high rating while the Southport High School boasts a great athletic program. If you need a place to shop, there’s a nearby mall, If you need a place to golf, there’s the highly-rated Smock Golf Course

This sweet little suburb has it all, whether you’re starting your family or looking for a place to retire to.

The Best Neighborhoods in Indianapolis Are Waiting For You

With so much diversity and a broad range of offerings, the best neighborhoods in Indianapolis are still being created by people like you. Moving to the region gives you the chance to enjoy the perfect marriage of nature and city life while offering plenty for kids and families.

If you want to find the perfect home for you and your loved ones, you’ll need help from an experienced local agent with their ear to the ground. Contact us for help from a Clever Partner Agent who knows the region and can guide you through the home buying process.


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