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5 Best Neighborhoods in Cincinatti to Live in 2019

While the busy city of Cincinnati is a unique place to live, the hectic lifestyle isn’t right for everyone. If you’re searching for a property in a calmer environment but want to be near the major metro amenities, we have found five of the best neighborhoods you can call home.
While the busy city of Cincinnati is a unique place to live, the hectic lifestyle isn’t right for everyone. If you’re searching for a property in a calmer environment but want to be near the major metro amenities, we have found five of the best neighborhoods you can call home.

Cincinnati is a popular city because of its thriving job market, affordable cost of living, and vast recreational opportunities. Public education is another advantage residents take advantage of. From highly rated elementary programs to the notable University of Cincinnati, it can be a great place for a family’s forever home.

The Queen City is the third most populated metro in Ohio, with 301,305 residents according to the organization Census Reporter. The multicultural area has charming character and is a diverse location to live.

Around the city are numerous neighborhoods that offer residents quieter neighborhoods while being just outside the hustle and bustle of city life. If you’re ready to make a move to Cincinnati, hiring the expertise of a local real estate agent gives you the best chance to land a valuable deal in an area with plenty of upsides.

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Before you begin your house hunt, check out five of the hottest neighborhoods in Cincinnati.

Hyde Park

Located on the East Side of Cincinnati, Hyde Park offers residents an exciting environment with excellent education programs, low crime rates, and a close proximity to numerous amenities. About 13,000 people call Hyde Park home, making its population density 15% lower than Cincinnati.

The area is an exceptional location for young families because of highly rated schools. Local graduation rates for high school students is 96% which is 16% higher than the US average and testing scores are 54% above national standards at 76%.

Hyde Park is also known for its famous Square which features over 100 of resident’s favorite shops, restaurants, and local businesses right in their backyard.

Because the area is a hot spot for real estate, the market and cost of living are on the more expensive end, relative to the rest of the city. According to data from Zillow, home median value is $378,000 and is expected to grow by 3.2% before 2020. Properties are generally listed around $375,000 and spend about 166 days on the market.


Established in 1910, Madeira is a popular neighborhood because of its exceptional education systems and close proximity to the city of Cincinnati. Though the district is 90% residential, it does include over 150 retail and service businesses, most within walking distance.

The community is known for its exceptionally low crime rates. In fact, it is lower than 57% of similar neighborhoods across Ohio and 64% safer when compared to comparable areas in the nation. The family-friendly region offers unique town-wide activities in environments like McDonald Commons Park where they hold festivities including an annual Halloween Parade and a summer concert series.

Living in Madeira will cost more than the average in Cincinnati. This year, median home values increased by 13.3% to $323,600. The trend should continue to grow another 5.4% before the beginning of 2020. Average prices that Madeira homes sell for is above the listing price, at $341,100.

Because the rates are higher than much of the city, working with an expert real estate agent is your best bet to negotiate a fair price.

Mount Adams

Locally known as “The Hill,” Mount Adams offers residents a unique vantage point of the city’s downtown skyline and seemingly endless hills of Northern Kentucky. The neighborhood is a small tight-knit community of only 2,226. Locals enjoy higher than average median salaries and a bustling economy.

When saving for a house in Mount Adams, the median home value is estimated at $417,200, while the average listing price is higher at $624,900. Since 2017, the value estimation has increased by 8.5% and expected to grow another 3.5% before year’s end.

The area isn’t just a hot spot for real estate, it’s also home to the Cincinnati Art Museum, which draws healthy numbers of tourists to encourage an already thriving economy. Local industries like wholesale services, manufacturing, and education make up the majority of employment opportunities. The median household income far exceeds the Cincinnati average at $89,772.

For a luxurious retreat just outside of the busy city, Mount Adams can be a great place to call home. It’s lack of big-box retailers and fast-food chains add to the charm of a location surrounded by the elegant Eden Park.


OTR has experienced an incredible overhaul in the past decade. What was previously a helpless town has now been revamped with exciting eateries, hipster bars, and renovated homes that highlight the neighborhood’s historical architecture.

Getting around the area is convenient without the aid of a vehicle. You can see plenty of what it has to offer by foot but public transportation services like the Red Bike program and the Bell Connector light rail give locals a quick way to zip around.

Living in Over-The-Rhine gives residents a front-row seat to watch a city that was once crumbling turn into a thriving metro area with a booming economy. In 2018, the area added 45 more businesses to an already busy district.

As busy as the neighborhood has been growing, median home sales are up just 0.50% from last year but expected to see a growth of 3.2% by 2020. In 2019, the average property is valued at $264,600 and lists for $308,700. Over-The-Rhine is a busy metro trying hard to shake the poor reputation it had ten years ago.

Buying a home now while the community is rebounding is a great way to get an incredible deal on a property that will continue to grow in value in coming years.


If living in the center of the action is the right environment for you, Oakley is your neighborhood. It’s one of the hottest places in Cincinnati, both in real estate and recreation. The growing population of over 10,000, is predominantly made up of young professionals in their mid-30s with an average household income of $64,544.

One of the most popular places to visit in Oakley is the newly constructed Aquatic Facility. The $2.8 million upgrades offer a safe place for families to enjoy the warm summers with a new pool, playground, and “sprayground.”

New developments are also impacting the residential sector. For instance, Oakley Station has experienced recent renovations to the district and created more housing options. Amongst the 74 acres that make up the area, new apartments, condos, and townhomes have a modern and rusting aesthetic.

If you plan to buy in Oakley, median home values are currently estimated at $270,100. This estimation has grown 6.1% from last year and is forecasted to increase another 3.0% by 2020. If you think renting is a better option, average monthly payment lands around $1,800.

When you’re ready to become a member of the diverse city of Cincinnati, a top-rated Clever Partner Agent in the area is ready to provide the guidance you need to find your dream home. Fill out this simple online form and we’ll be in touch to answer your questions or concerns with a no-obligation consultation.


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