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Zillow vs. Redfin vs. Trulia
Deciding How To Sell
It’s hard to know which of the most popular real estate websites to use to get the best results. Zillow vs. Redfin? What about Trulia? There seems to be so many different sites to choose from that it’s easy to get confused by the online real estate industry. Here, we’ll go over the pros and c...
2 weeks ago
Jake Cardenas
What Is an Open Listing Agreement?
Thinking About Selling
When it’s a buyer’s market out there, sellers need to do everything they can to make sure that they can get the best sales price for their home. Sometimes to achieve this sellers might choose to put their house on the market in a few non-traditional ways. One of these is an open listing agreeme...
3 weeks ago
Leisl Bailey
Common Flat Fee Listing Complaints (and What They Mean)
Choosing An Agent (Sell)
Sellers run into a lot of costs when they are trying to put their house on the market. The biggest costs are agent commissions. Real estate agents help sellers put their house in front of buyers—but they can eat up around 3% (or more) of the total sale of your home. Some sellers turn to flat fee ...
3 weeks ago
Leisl Bailey

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