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Zillow vs. Redfin vs. Trulia
Deciding How To Sell
It’s hard to know which of the most popular real estate websites to use to get the best results. Zillow vs. Redfin? What about Trulia? There seems to be so many different sites to choose from that it’s easy to get confused by the online real estate industry. Here, we’ll go over the pros and c...
2 weeks ago
Jake Cardenas
How to List Your House on an MLS
Home Selling
When you want to sell your home, you have many options. One of them is to create a real estate listing with an MLS database. This way, it’s easier for potential buyers to find you. What is an MLS? MLS is industry speak for a multiple listing service. These services are the main way that Realtors ...
3 weeks ago
Leisl Bailey
Zillow Listing Fees and What You Need to Know About Selling on Zillow
Marketing Your Home
It’s time to list your home – but where do you start? Sellers have many options if they want to put their house on the market (or hand that job over to someone else). Listing agents are ready to take on the job of sharing your listing with agents or buyers who are window shopping for themselves...
3 weeks ago
Leisl Bailey

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