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So How Does Clever Work?

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Commission Break Down

When you sell a home, some agents will charge 6%. Out of that, 3% goes to the buyer's agent, the person representing whoever purchases your home, and 3% goes to the seller's agent, who works on your behalf to sell and market the home. Clever helps you save on the seller's agent side of that equation, by connecting you with a top local agent in your area who works at our competitive prices.

Listing agent

$3,000 or 1%
Clever partners with top local agents who work for modern, efficient brokerages. They’re able to provide the full-service you need to get your home sold for a fraction of the usual cost. Most Clever Partner Agents work for major brands, or top-rated local brokerages.
  • Competitive Market Analysis (CMA)
  • Professional Photography
  • Professional Showings
  • Yard Sign and Lockbox
  • Home on MLS, Zillow, Trulia, and more
  • Paperwork and negotiations

Buyer’s Agent

2 to 3%
Of course, you should still expect to pay a full buyer’s agent commission. In most areas, typical buyer’s commission ranges between 2-3%. Your Clever Partner Agent that we connect you with can tell you what you should expect to pay in your area
Buyer’s Agent
Buyer’s Agent
  • Brings qualified buyers to your doors
  • Help with paperwork at close

Average Savings

The total commission you should expect to pay will be the $3,000 (or 1% for homes over $350k) for your Clever Listing Agent, and somewhere between 2-3% for your buyer’s agent commission (this number varies market to market).
Why Choose Clever?
Why Choose Clever?
  • Work with a top rated local agent
  • Full service, professional representation
  • Pay nothing until you close

Why do I need to pay a Buyer’s Agent Commission?

Most home buyers are working with a buyer’s agent and that agent is expecting commission. Not offering buyer’s agent commission can force the buyer to pay their agent out of pocket, which can limit their ability to purchase your home. It also disincentives the buyer’s agent from showing your home to their clients.
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