How to sell your home with a real estate agent?

The first step in selling a house with a realtor involves finding the right one. Sellers should look for agents that are local, experienced, familiar with the price range, and comes with references that speak highly of their experience. Realtors shou

Where can I list my house for sale?

Agents will place listings in front of potential home buyers through online real estate marketplaces. In fact, in today’s day in age, most buyers will start their search online. In 2018 over 51% found their home online vs. <1% through print or p

How do you sell your house?

The process of selling a house is a pretty big deal. Your home is likely your largest asset, and making sure you understand the process is critical to getting the most value once your home sells. Here are the steps to sell your house. 1) Prepar

How to list my house for sale and save on agent fees?

Unless you decide to go the FSBO route, the first step to list your house for sale is to find a local and licensed real estate agent that you believe will do a good job representing your home. Agents being interviewed will perform a competitive ma

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