How Do I Get A Commission Rebate?

There are two ways to get a commission rebate. You can interview lots of different real estate agents, and ask them if they do rebates. Or You can buy a home with a top rated Clever Partner agent, that has already agreed to offer a commission r

Are Real Estate Commission Rebates Taxable?

The IRS has ruled that commission rebates is part of the settlement statement when purchasing a home, and is viewed as part of the transaction as a whole. This means that any rebates you receive won’t impact your taxable income for the year.

Can Real Estate Agents Give Rebates?

In the 40 states where commission rebates are legal, real estate agents can in fact give commission rebates. How much of a rebate they will offer you is dependent on the price of the home you want to buy, how many homes you are expecting to tour,

Where Are Commission Rebates Legal?

Commission rebates are legal in 40 states. You can view the complete map below. If you live in a state where rebates are legal, Clever can connect you with a top rated agent that will help you find your next home, navigate the home buying proc

How Do Commission Rebates Work?

To understand how a commission rebate works, you need to first understand how commissions work in real estate. Typically a listing agent charges between 5-6% (the national average is around 5.2%), and they split that commission with another agent

What is a Commission Rebate?

A commission rebate, commonly known as a home buyer rebate, is when a real estate agent rebate representing a buyer rebates a portion of the commission they receive from the seller to their client. Real estate agents will offer this service to the