Can a 1031 exchange be used for a primary residence?

Broadly speaking, only real estate assets that are held for investment or business means will qualify for a 1031 exchange. This means that primary residences will not qualify for a 1031 exchange. You can find more information and the types of 1031

What properties qualify for a 1031 exchange?

If your property is not your primary residence and you’ve held it for investment purposes, trade, or business, your property is eligible for a 1031 exchange. Properties that do not qualify include, but are not limited to, the following: Per

What are the rules and requirements of 1031 exchanges?

There are five key rules and requirements when it comes to 1031 exchanges. 1. Same taxpayer: The individual or LLC selling the existing property must be the same one receiving the new property. 2. 45-day identification period: The seller has 45 day

How does a 1031 exchange work?

When going through a 1031 exchange, the first step that needs to happen is the process of finding a qualified intermediary, also known as a “Q.I.” The qualified intermediary is the middleman throughout the entire 1031 exchange process. It's criti

What is a 1031 exchange?

A 1031 exchange is a like-kind exchange of investment real estate where one or more investment properties are exchanged for one or more properties of greater value. The term “1031” comes from the Section of the United States Internal Revenue Code

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