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Average Elk Grove Village, Illinois Real Estate Agent Commission Rate

Average Home Price in Elk Grove Village, Illinois


Average Commission Rate


Average Commission with Clever

2.5% + $3,000
Elk Grove Village, Illinois

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Selling a home is one of the biggest decisions most people make in their life, with a huge impact on both their finances and quality of life.

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In Elk Grove Village, home values have decreased by -9% since 2010.

A decline in home values like this places many homeowners under-water on their mortgage. These homeowners need to save wherever they can to minimize their losses when they sell.

In Elk Grove Village the average home price is $259,600, and the average commision rate is around 6%, resulting in a typical commission of $15,576.

If you choose to list with Clever Real Estate, your expected commision will be either a flat fee of $3,000, or 1% if your home costs more than $350,000, plus the typical buyer’s agent fee. In Elk Grove Village this results in an average commission of $9,827 with Clever, and savings of $5,749.

If you choose to list with Clever, you will work with an agent from a major brand, or top rated local brokerage, that will still provide full service, while saving you thousands on commission. Your listing will include:



  • Competitive Market Analysis (CMA)
  • Professional Photography
  • Professional Showings
  • Yard Sign and Lockbox
  • Home on MLS, Zilloaw, Trulia, and more
  • Paperwork and negotiations
  • Brings qualified buyers to your doors
  • Help with paperwork at close

Does Low Commission Mean Low Service?

Before the rise of the internet, buying and selling homes was a very difficult process. Going to a real estate agent was the only way to find homes, or get insight to the value of your home.

The internet — and sites like Zillow and Trulia — have made it easy for anyone to learn about homes for sale in their area.

Over 80% of buyers find the home they want online, and then call their agent to ask for a showing. This is completely the opposite of how things used to work — and it makes the agent’s job more efficient than ever before.

Traditionally, a large portion of listing commission went to marketing, and technology has drastically reduced that cost. Real estate agents are now able to provide full service — with a professional marketing package — for less than ever before, and some agents are willing to pass those savings back to their sellers.

Agents are also using technology to allow them to handle more deals than ever before. Clever partners with agents that are able to handle a large volume of business while maintaining great service for their clients. This makes for happy sellers, and increases the chance that your listing agent will also be the agent that ultimately brings a buyer.

Sellers in Elk Grove Village Are Saving Thousands With Clever

In Elk Grove Village, Illinois, the average cost of owning a home is $1,924 a month, and this doesn’t count any emergency maintenance or upgrades made to get a home ready for sale.

Homeowners in Elk Grove Village are looking for ways to save when they sell a home, and Clever is the answer. We have Partner Agents throughout the city that specialize in different neighborhoods and price ranges.

If you’re nervous about listing with a discount real estate agent, Clever offers a free pricing consultation, so you can meet with a local agent, have them price your home, answer your questions, and explain how they will market your home for sale.

If you’re not 100% comfortable, you don’t have to move forward.

Why Do Elk Grove Village Agents Use Clever?

You might be wondering “why would an agent that normally charges an average commission rate work with Clever and discount their commission?” It’s a great question, and the answer is simple.

Clever partners with experienced agents in the top 5% of their market, who are looking to break into the top 1%, and the recognition and awards that comes with it.

These agents understand that while they might not make as much on any individual client, Clever will send them enough co business to make a substantial impact on their business. They also know that if they provide great service, many of the sellers we send will buy a home with them as well.

If we don’t get great reviews from sellers about agents that we send business to, we won’t work with them. This ensures that we are able to connect you with a fantastic agent.


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We provide this service because we're confident you're going to love Clever. We include a recommended list price, as well as a net sheet showing you how much cash you can expect to walk away with from the sale of your home. We will answer any questions you might have and provide Recommendations that can increase the sales price of your home.



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